for the use of normobaria Ustka

  • Before entering the chamber, please read the regulations.
  • In order to use a session in a normobaric chamber, it is necessary to know the contraindications and indications for use at elevated pressure.
  • Staying in the normobaric chamber is voluntary and at your own risk.
  • We do not eat in the chamber.
  • Persons arriving for the night are asked to bring a set of their clothes and bed linen including a sheet and a pillow.
  • In the chamber everyone has the opportunity to taste redox water.
  • It is forbidden to bring into the chamber objects which may cause fire and to use open fire, e. g: cigarettes, matches, lighters.
  • The consumption of alcohol during sessions shall be prohibited.
  • The consumption of alcohol during sessions shall be prohibitedIt is prohibited to touch the apparatus and devices with which the chamber is equipped.
  • You can use the toilet in the chamber, but you must not throw sanitary towels and wipes for intimate hygiene into the toilet bowl.
  • The use of other toilet paper than that available in the chamber is prohibited.
  • Any damage done by the participants of the session will be considered and financially accounted for immediately after the event.
  • Any damage done by the participants of the session will be considered and financially accounted for immeIf you need to suddenly leave the chamber with the assistance of staff or as a last resort, press the red emergency button yourself. The pressure in the normobaric chamber is decompressed and in about 3 minutes we go outsidediately after the event.
  • Attention! Unjustified use of the emergency button will incur additional costs for refilling the chamber!
  • Entries and exits from the chamber are carried out with the assistance of personnel. Compliance with the operating instructions prevents undesirable effects and ensures complete safety.
  • Acceptance and enjoyment of the benefits of the normobaric chamber means full acceptance of these regulations and compliance with the prevailing rules.
  • If you cancel your Pass after the payment has been made, the 100% paid amount remains in Normobaria-Ustka. Cancellation of a pass involves the loss of the full amount for the purchase. The customer may transfer the pass for use to another person
  • The Buyer consents to the inclusion of their personal data in the service database. This data will be used only to enable the full process of the Service or Pass Purchase and marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the agreement of 28. 09. 1997 on the protection of personal data.

Thank you for your confidence in our activities and cooperation.