Innovative Normobaric Chamber

We welcome you to an innovative normobaric chamber located in the picturesque forest areas of Ustka.

We are a partner
Academy of Longevity

We are a group of friends who have been searching for various therapies for several years now, after previous experience with not very effective methods of official medicine and the so-called “white collar” health care. We use herbs and dietary supplements, which have helped us a lot and we are happy to share this knowledge.

Our guiding principle is to create a friendly healing space at increased air pressure, which is energized and ionized by the Ing. Francis Rychnowski. 

What we can guarantee in our chamber is
a number of interesting phenomena occurring in it, among others.:

Experiments of staying at an elevated pressure of 1500hPa in a multigas mixture consisting of hydrogen (up to 0. 5%), oxygen (up to 40%) and carbon dioxide (up to 3%).

A taste:
- REDOX hydrogenated water with nano-gold, free of heavy elements and rich in ormus,
- mechanically treated water, subjected to mountain crystal and plasma energy.

Why use?

Staying in a normobaric chamber has an exceptional effect in various medical conditions such as:

Autism, Asperger's syndrome

Chronic inflammation
Child cerebral palsy

Overweight and obesity

All dermatological diseases
Asthma and allergies
Diabetes mellitus

Multiple sclerosis

Injuries and injuries

Studies show that normobaric therapy gives the following results:

  • oxygenation of body cells,
  • increase the number of stem cells,
  • helps to rebuild tissues and heal wounds,
  • reduces inflammation and swelling of tissues,
  • accelerates regeneration after injuries and treatments,
  • slows down the ageing process and improves the appearance of the skin,
  • It extends life and strengthens the immune system,
  • improves blood vessel function,
  • improves the physical and mental performance of the body,
  • eliminates migraines and headaches,
  • stimulates collagen and elastin production,
  • improves memory and concentration and reduces fatigue,
  • improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia,
  • reduces allergies.


  • infections,
  • damage to the eardrum,
  • claustrophobia.

In the coming months
we run attractions like this around the chamber:

– a path among the trees,
– lectures and presentations of new technologies and field workshops.

Dr Jan Pokrywka

In the middle of 2019, we personally met Dr. Jan Pokrywka, whom we had previously known from internet lectures from his Academy of Longevity. His revolutionary way of improving the well-being of each and every one of us was particularly impressive. Thanks to it, we have learned the optimal atmospheric criteria for improving the quality of health, which can be reproduced in laboratory conditions, which is what normobaric chambers are for.

Thanks to the prevailing atmosphere in the normobaric chamber, we enable our body to better oxygenate the cells, increase the number of stem cells and stimulate the entire immune system. 

Below we present you
several lectures by dr Jan Pokrywka


Photos from the construction site and the final result of the work with the already open normobaric chamber.

Innovation and technology
normobaric chamber

In order to enhance the effects of selfhelp, we have additionally introduced, as the only ones in the world, air and water cleaning and ionizing devices. 

Ing. The first of these was the production of ethericie by Franciszek Rychnowski. This technology was recreated after 100 years by our native inventor Arkadiusz Brzeski and was created for people who have experienced the effects of many conventional medicine therapies on themselves, … with no great results. The generator is used to ionize and increase air energy. 

The water we drink is prepared by a special set of crystal filters and subjected to the influence of different frequencies of waves beneficial to health, as well as mineralized in a special way with rare minerals from different parts of the world.

We also offer REDOX hydrogenated water containing nano-gold, free of heavy elements and rich in ormus. 

We use Konstanty Butyka’s method, which consists in introducing into the body an appropriate amount of carbon dioxide and the Bohr effect. This way we provide more oxygen to our cells, which results in better mitochondrial and stem cell performance.

Price list Normobaria Ustka


The session lasts 2 hours. Entrances from 8:00 to 18:00 every 30 minutes

2 zones

STANDARD (up to 12 persons)PRIV (up to 6 persons)
120 ,-170 ,-

SOLO The whole chamber for you – 1500 zł / 2 hours

CARNET 5 inputs after 2h

550 ,-750 ,-

CARNET 10 inputs after 2h

1000 ,-1400 ,-

Night from 20:45 – 7:15

Zone up to 8 people Zone up to 4 people
1 person 300 ,- 1 person 400 ,-
2 person 500 ,- 2 person 600 ,-
3 person 600 ,- 3 person 700 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 100 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 100 ,-

Night pass 5x

Zone up to 8 peopleZone up to 4 people
1 person 1250 ,- 1 person 1750 ,-
2 person 2250 ,- 2 person 2750 ,-
3 person 2700 ,- 3 person 3200 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 250 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 250 ,-

Night pass 10x

Zone up to 8 peopleZone up to 4 people
1 person 2400 ,- 1 person 3400 ,-
2 person 4400 ,- 2 person 5400 ,-
3 person 5300 ,- 3 person 6200 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 500 ,-
Each subsequent
person additionally 500 ,-

Children and young people

from 0 – 6 years
free of charge
accompanied by an adult
free of charge
accompanied by an adult

Children and young people

from 7 – 17 years
60 ,-85 ,-

*Please, children and adolescents 7 – 17 years old ½ price of the Basic Carnet.


Below you will find our contact details, a map with the location of the chamber and a form through which you can contact us. We invite you to get to know our chamber and our team personally! 

Normobaria Ustka

Land plot 278/4
76-270 Mouth full

Tel. 721-888-330

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